Other legal areas

Oil and Gas Law

From leasing rights, surface rights, and mineral rights, our firm can help on the multitude of issues that can arise in Illinois Oil and Gas Law.

Local Counsel

Our firm will handle the routine court appearances and filings for out of state or out of area attorneys, and alternatively, can take the proactive role of as needed.

Business Advising

No matter how big or how small your business, we can provide insightful business counsel and cost- effective services for your business whether you're a start-up or continuing a business.  Illinois has many options to choose from when starting a business, and your choice of entity can greatly mitigate your personal assets.

Expungment and Sealings

If you have been arrested you have a criminal record. This is true even if the case was eventually dismissed. The charges will stay on your record unless a judge orders your record sealed or expunged. Only certain crimes are eligible to be sealed or expunged under Illinois law. Several steps must be taken to accomplish this.


While the crimes charged in Juvenile Court are the same crimes that are charged in adult court, that is where the similarities end. Juvenile Court is a completely different venue than adult court and it is extremely important that you have a criminal defense attorney representing you or your child who is familiar with juvenile criminal defense and its intricacies.

Other Legal Services

Though injuries are our specialty, we offer a wide range of legal services.  Please call The Smithpeters Law Firm LLC for all of your legal needs.